The Virtual Body of Christ in a Suffering World

Deanna A. Thompson’s newest book, The Virtual Body of Christ in a Suffering World, focuses on the current digital revolution and its potential for helping us better care for one another in the worst times of our lives.

We live in a wired world where 24/7 digital connectivity is increasingly the norm. Christian megachurch communities often embrace this reality wholeheartedly while more traditional churches often seem hesitant and overwhelmed by the need for an interactive website, a Facebook page and a twitter feed. This book accepts digital connectivity as our reality, but presents a vision of how faith communities can utilize technology to better be the body of Christ to those who are hurting while also helping followers of Christ think critically about the limits of our digital attachments.   

This book begins with a conversion story of a non-cell phone owning, non-Facebook using religion professor judgmental of the ability of digital tools to enhance relationships. A stage IV cancer diagnosis later, in the midst of being held up by virtual communities of support, a conversion occurs …

deanna a. thompson

Deanna A. Thompson

is an author, speaker, and professor of Religion at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Thompson’s writing and speaking covers on topics ranging from Martin Luther and feminism, Scriptural interpretation (Deuteronomy in particular), cancer and faith, and being the church in the digital age. When she’s not writing, speaking, or teaching, Thompson can be found hiking in a national park with her husband and two daughters.